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Apartment Films has a team of local apartment locating professionals that specialize in finding housing in your budget. Our licensed real estate agents provide you with a finely tuned list of properties in the area you desire, accommodating your needs perfectly. Our friendly staff can match your budget, location, lifestyle, and amenity preferences by searching a state of the art database with thousands of local properties on your behalf.

One of our professionals will be more than happy to escort you to any of the properties they recommend. You may also choose to visit them by yourself if you prefer. The best part about our service is that it is completely free! That’s right, 100% free, no cost to you. We are paid a small referral fee by the property at which you lease when you put down the agent’s name on the application. It is paid out of the property’s advertising budget and does not increase your rent.

If you are new to town and unfamiliar with the area, or you have special needs out of your area or amenities, these are common reasons for using an apartment locator service. There are many other valid reasons other than these, such as saving you time, money and stress. Our professionals already know the areas of town and the properties that are in the location. Frequently they know the property managers already and are familiar with what they offer. This means they are unrivaled at the speed of which they can accommodate you. Since you are not having to drive around to different complexes and waste money on application fees, that is a lot of money that you will save. They can also frequently help you find incentives such as furnished units, free utilities and move-in specials.

Use a locator to do all of the work for you, getting quick results and taking the burden off of you. Then you just need to choose which property that you like best. Stick with the first locator you talk to, and work with them. Trust them to find you the right home. Using more than one can make matters confusing and more difficult.