New to Houston?

 You are going to like it here! Houston is such a diverse city, it is almost a culture of it's own.

The VERY first thing you must do is drop the Newbie Radar Detection Give away implanted on the borders-

"It's not the heat, it's the humidity!" Ding-Ding! You are so new to Houston! "

Food: There is no other place that has such a wide variety of cuisines. Besides having a fast food restaurant on every corner, there is virtually no limit to what you can eat or the hours of the a.m. you can get it!

Texas PRIDE!

One of the MOST popular annual events is the The Houston Live Stock Show & Rodeo
where cowboys & cowgirls from all over the country gather together and Yee-haw~ Texas Style!
This well planned, perfectly executed event is HUGE in Houston.

Great Bands like the Texas Top- Houston's very own ZZ TOP, a massive carnival, vendors sporting a range of items from boots to barb-wire, some of the best BBQ you have ever tasted, & even a night club on site!

The festivities last all month, and the proceeds give our "young-ens" much needed college scholarships. A very fun, very worthy, very Houstonian event!

Sports in Houston

If you love sports, then hold on to your hat! Houstonians are funny about their teams... Houston has only 1 basketball team, 1 football team and..... well you see where we are going with this!
Very enthusiastic, to say the least- we hold dear to support our own!

2 Things to Remember

First- Never limit yourself to one certain sport. Even if you have never been fond of a particular sport- Now your in Houston, Texas- Where EVERYTHING is bigger and better!

Second- The stadiums are so large- even the cheap seats beat not going at all!

The Houston Rockets

If you are an adrenaline junkie- then your first stop must be the The Toyota Center
to see the Rockets play B-ball! (Imagine fans with red & white faces marching through the arena, playing instruments, singing, shouting.... yes- that is only the beginning.) Never feel like you are too red or white, never go if you have a headache (although they do have a full service bar!)and never forget you where you park. It's an outrageously fun, over the top, must do in Houston!

The Houston Aeros Our Hockey Team!

The Houston Astros Houston's Baseball team

The Houston Texans Football Team! Games are held in Reliant Stadium

The Sam Houston Race Park

The Gulf Greyhound Dog Track

The Houston Tennis

The Houston Dynamos our soccer team

Rugby (Yes! It is growing in popularity by the bushel!)

Shopping in Houston, Texas
If Your looking to shop, there are literally thousands of smaller stores in mini-malls. But- if you want to get it all done in one place, or even join the mall walkers club (It's not the's the humidity! haha) Then you will want to go to the nearest area mall. For a complete list of malls in Houston, Texas Check out our "Helpful Links" section.


Houston Hospitals,

Welcome to the Texas Medical Center Houston! Where hospitals are like mini-marts, it seems like there is one on every corner-
For a comprehensive list of hospitals in Houston, Texas- see
the "Helpful links" section

Schools: The Houston Independent School District
is the largest public school system in Texas, and the 7th largest in the United States!
But, it still doesn't even cover the entire Houston area, we are HUGE!

See the complete list See the complete list

Electricity- We are "deregulated" which is a fancy term for "you can choose your own carrier!" Believe it or not- you will see a variance in price per kilowatt to the extreme of 50%.
It didn't catch on fast, because so many Houstonians fell for the fear tactic of losing power or the inconvenience of compromised service we paid less. NOT true!
Once word spread recently about the fact that the wiring and the service is still the same, it was like rats jumping off a sinking ship. Competition rose & prices fell. The best way to choose which service provider you wish to use is by seeing all on one page.

Word to the Wise: You will see the same company with multiple different prices. They vary depending upon what type of contract you sign. Long term vs. short term is the main difference. When you visit, it will ask for your zip code. Use your new zip code and not your old one. It does matter! Some providers are not available in some parts of Houston yet. Careful not to let your contract slip, because it will give you the "going rate" & you will notice a sharp increase. Companies like Ambit energy will charge you if you do not use "enough electricity." Last month it was $9.99 to be conservative and turn off the light when you leave the room. Doesn't make sense? No- it doesn't. But, compared to other rates that are so much higher- it can often be viewed as the "less of two evils." Especially in the summer months. Power to Choose

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